Notley Must Convince Mulcair’s NDP to Support Federal Conservative Motion on Energy East: Jean

EDMONTON, AB: Thursday, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean expressed his support of the motion put forward by federal Conservative Natural Resources Critic Candice Bergen for parliament to endorse Energy East and called on Premier Rachel Notley to convince her NDP colleagues to do the same.

The motion, listed on the order paper for debate today, further calls on the House to acknowledge the importance the energy sector to the Canadian economy and that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil.

“We know Ms. Notley endorsed Thomas Mulcair and her federal colleagues during the recent election, we hope she will speak in favour of this motion and encourage the federal NDP to do the same,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “The Energy East project will bring massive benefit to Alberta and the Canadian economy, and now is the time for political leaders of all stripes to support the science and facts behind this critical project.”

The Energy East pipeline will create over 14,000 construction jobs and lead to tens of thousands of indirect jobs once completed. Currently, 86 per cent of oil refined in Eastern Canada comes from foreign sources and dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

It would create $55 billion in new economic activity, including $9.2 billion in Quebec.

“The NDP promised a new carbon tax would guarantee new pipeline capacity for Alberta, but sadly there has been more opposition than ever for these key projects,” Jean said. “The NDP need to stop apologizing for Alberta, and passionately make the case for pipeline projects heading in every direction, including Energy East, the Trans Mountain expansion and the Northern Gateway pipeline.”