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Worst Year of Job Loss Since 1982 Shows Need to Back Away from Experiments, Focus on Job Creation: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB (January, 2016): With 2015 as the worst year for Alberta job loss since 1982, it’s time for the NDP government to back away from risky economic policies and instead start focusing on job-creation, the Wildrose Official Opposition said Tuesday.

Since being elected in May 2015, the NDP government has put together a set of policies that are having a negative effect on economic growth, including:

  • A 20 per cent business tax increase;
  • Calling a royalty review;
  • Planning for a 50 per cent minimum wage increase;
  • Tripling the tax on large emitters; and
  • Introducing a non-revenue neutral $3-billion carbon tax.

“No one blames the NDP for the low price of oil, but they are blaming them for how they’ve reacted to it. Albertans need stable, common sense policies to get Albertans working again, not more economic experiments,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “We need leadership that doesn’t tear Albertans down while they’re hurting, but puts together the right policies to spur job creation.”

Recently, Wildrose called for a jobs summit to bring together experts on the best ideas to strengthen Alberta’s economy. The NDP government rejected the idea.

Along with reversing several NDP policies that are hurting the economy, Wildrose has put forward several ideas to provide relief to Albertans and businesses, including:

  • Replace the NDP’s wasteful jobs subsidy program with a small business tax cut;
  • Create tax relief for families facing NDP tax hikes;
  • Aggressively advocate for access to tidewater for Alberta’s energy products;
  • Provide stability to royalties and increase competitiveness

“Now is not the time for untested ideologies and experiments. Albertans need leadership focused on keeping the fundamentals of our economy strong and looking for ways to spur growth,” Wildrose Shadow Economic Development Minister Prasad Panda said. “Wildrose has put forward several ideas the NDP has rejected, but we hope they start listening to common sense.”

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