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Activists Who Supported Ndp Carbon Tax Now Doubling Their Efforts Against Alberta’s Energy Sector: Wildrose


EDMONTON, AB (January 22, 2016): After Premier Rachel Notley stood with activist groups and promised Albertans a new carbon tax would guarantee market access for Alberta, several of these groups have redoubled their efforts in spreading misinformation against Alberta’s energy sector, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

When the Alberta climate change deal was announced in November, Notley promised Albertans her plan would, “help us access new markets for our energy products, and diversify our economy.” Environment Minister Shannon Phillips introduced both Forest Ethics and Environmental Defence at the announcement, where they endorsed the NDP’s climate change strategy.

Forest Ethics currently has an ongoing campaign against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, with one recent post titled, “4 Reasons to Oppose the New Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline.” Last week, the organization called to keep, “toxic tar sands out of the environment.”

Environmental Defence yesterday posted a graphic on social media celebrating Montreal-area mayors rejecting Energy East saying, “Merci Montreal.” On Jan. 12, they called for the rejection of, “the risky Kinder Morgan pipeline.”

“Premier Notley promised her climate change plan would erode opposition to Alberta’s industry, but the same people she shared the stage with to celebrate her new $3-billion carbon tax are now as determined as ever to shut down pipeline projects,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “With Ms. Notley remaining silent against opposition to critical pipeline projects, the NDP government either misled Albertans during their announcement, or failed to properly articulate and explain the obvious benefits Alberta’s energy industry has for all of Canada.”

Wildrose Shadow Electricity and Renewables Minister Don MacIntyre said with Albertans preparing to see their power and gas bills escalate in order to pay for the NDP’s carbon tax, they deserve an explanation from their government.

“This strategy is asking families to see their bills go up by $1,000 per year and is on course to provide little to no other economic benefits for our province,” MacIntyre said. “These groups got exactly what they asked for. The NDP now have an obligation to insist they encourage market access or they both lose credibility.”

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