Parent Presentation on Social Media Safety by Expert Paul Davis

On January 14th, 2016, Paul Davis presented a seminar on Social Media Safety at Oilfields High School.

The evening was very well attended and Paul gave some invaluable tips.

He covered many topics, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Searching, Emails in general and some websites that have further information. Some of these websites were,,, and All have good information and are well worth browsing through. The website has an unbelievable list of acronyms and shorthand that might show up in your child’s texts, instant messages or emails. It’s a site worth bookmarking in case you ever need a translation.

Paul had two rules to follow when it came to Cyberbullying:

  1. Don’t respond (either you or your child)
  2. Print Screen to document the evidence. Then take the evidence to the authorities, either the school’s principal or the police.

One other very good tip that Paul shared was on the use of passwords: Get a book from the dollar store and keep your passwords in it not on your computer. He also recommended that passwords be a minimum of 7 digits but preferably 10 digits, including Upper Case Letters, Lower Case Letters, Numbers and Symbols.

Email safety includes ensuring email is used on a computer located in the area of the home where parents can respond to children who need immediate assistance. Never click on links in emails as they might be phishing links (someone ‘fishing’ for your personal information). Never open attachments unless from a trusted source – virus spread through attachments (example .TXT files).

Facebook Settings were another topic outlined in his presentation and the following list will help to ensure your child’s (and your) facebooking experience will be a safe one.

  1. Secure ALL your settings
  2. Start to “unfriend” Unknown Contacts
  3. Minimize the number of pictures kept online at any given time
  4. Reduce the number of pictures uploaded
  5. Parents should approve all pictures to be uploaded
  6. Remove any Facebook applications from hand-held devices
  7. Have FULL access to children’s accounts
  8. Ensure “Tagging” is turned off

For a complete look at what Paul had to recommend please visit his website at