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NDP Follows Wildrose Call for Senior Management Freeze, Time to Freeze Salaries Across Government: Wildrose


EDMONTON, AB: Wednesday, the NDP government followed Wildrose’s call for a senior management pay freeze, and now the NDP government must explore further freezes across the public sector, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

Since July 2014, senior managers have seen steady pay increases, despite the low price of oil and a record provincial deficit. The NDP government previously rejected all of Wildrose’s constructive cost containing measures such as a senior management wage freeze, calling such moves, “knee-jerk policy options.”

“It’s disappointing it took Alberta’s economy to plummet even further before Premier Notley agreed to common sense Wildrose policies,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said.“During a time of massive private sector job losses, Albertans want the government to reduce spending while protecting front-line services. Otherwise, overspending and increased debt will eventually lead to higher taxes and fewer services for Alberta families.”

During the fall session, Wildrose made several recommendations and amendments to contain public sector expenses, including exploring a voluntary wage freeze with the public sector.

Wildrose Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt said this freeze is only the smallest of political gestures given many of these senior managers are the most well-paid individuals across government.

“The NDP ignored all warnings and acted as if it was business as usual in the summer when Alberta was still on pace to see a record deficit, but it’s a positive first step that they have reversed course on their position,” Fildebrandt said. “This is a small gesture that we hope will lead to addressing the much larger problem of bureaucratic bloat.”

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