Time for NDP to Stick up for Alberta After BC Kinder Morgan Submission: Wildrose


EDMONTON, AB: Following the B.C. government’s submission to oppose the current Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline proposal, it’s time for Premier Rachel Notley to start getting results for Alberta on the national stage that protect Alberta jobs, the Wildrose Official Opposition said (Tuesday).

The National Energy Board is set to rule on the proposed pipeline project by May 2016. Notley has previously said a new $3 billion carbon tax would help promote market access for Alberta.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said that if something as important as pipeline access is continuing to fail despite the NDP’s plan to hit Alberta hard with a $3 billion carbon tax, she should start rethinking her defensive approach and start advocating more effectively for the province and the energy sector.

“Ms. Notley’s plan to gain social license for pipelines by grabbing billions in new taxes from Albertans has failed in this important first test. There is nothing more crucial for Alberta’s economy than getting access to tidewater for our energy products,” Jean said. “Quite frankly, Ms. Notley has failed time-and-time again to be an outspoken advocate for these pipelines. Approval of these projects will not only benefit Alberta, but all of Canada, by providing tens-of-thousands of new jobs.”

To date, Notley has refused to advocate for Northern Gateway, and suggested rerouting the Trans Mountain pipeline’s terminal, a move that would essentially restart the regulatory approval process.

Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Leela Aheer said with the price of oil hovering just above $30 per barrel, it’s more important than ever for Alberta to stand up for these important projects.

“The energy industry is already having to cope with the low price of oil, and a series of risky economic policies from the NDP government here in Alberta,” Aheer said. “Alberta deserves leadership that doesn’t treat our industry like an embarrassing cousin, but defends and advocates for our energy sector.”