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AHS Weekly Wellness News: Getting Enough Vitamin D this Winter

Alberta’s winters are long, but the bright side is we get more sunny days year-round than most provinces. Our skin turns that sunlight into vitamin D, which protects our bones and teeth, prevents heart and lung disease, curbs appetite and boosts our immune system and mood, among others.

The best way to get it is spending time outside, but weak winter sunlight means our bodies can’t make enough. Getting enough vitamin D this winter can be as simple as adding a few other things to your routine:

  • Eat foods naturally rich in vitamin D such as fatty fish and eggs

  • Eat foods with added vitamin D such as milk, yogurt and cheese

  • Take a supplement. People one to 70 years old can take a 400-IU supplement each day; people over 70 can take an 800 to 1,000-IU supplement each day.

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Reprinted from Apple magazine

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