Earthquake Shakes Vancouver and the Island

Earthquake Shakes Vancouver and the Island

Residents of British Columbia’s South Coast were jolted awake shortly before midnight by a moderately strong earthquake centered near the provincial capital of Victoria, last night. The event is being reported as the largest felt in this area in several years, and had locals talking about the next ‘Big One’.

The Magnitude 4.8 tremor struck approximately 20 kilometres north of Victoria on Vancouver Island (Earthquakes Canada rated the quake at Magnitude 4.3). There are no reports of damage.

The Gazette’s own, Tracy Walshaw, is visiting her family on the Island and sent us the following comments:

“It scared us. Mom and I were in the kitchen and Dad was at the dining room table. The glass in the china cabinets rattled when the house shook. Nothing broke. We stayed up after it though watching the news coverage. It was the first I had experienced and I hope it’s the last!”

We hope so too!

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