The 107th Annual Priddis & Millarville Fair – August 16, 2014 – “To Market We Go!!!”

The 107th Annual Priddis & Millarville Fair, happening Saturday, August 16th and fully integrated with the famous Millarville Farmers’ Market, making it one of the great Agricultural Fairs in Canada.

Our theme this year is “To Market We Go!!!”

Millarville FairThe day is a wonderful one for children in particular, with Kid’s World and it’s jumping tents, face painting, Cyclone, the kid-friendly mechanical bull as well as other entertainments, a Petting Zoo, the return of the friendly, gigantic horses making ice cream (yes, you read that right) and all manner of ducks, roosters, chickens, kids roping, children’s pet shows, a messy pie-eating contest, dressed-up horse competition, wagon rides, . . . . And the list goes on.

The World Stick Horse Racing Championships open to young and old alike, are returning. Show your fancy stick horses earlier in the day, competing for ribbons, and then get down and dirty in the rodeo infield racing for glory and ribbons against other like-minded kids/adults in your age groups.

Don’t forget an Antique Tractor Show, Automobile Show N’ Shine, live auctions, and of course the original reason for the Fair itself in 1907, almost 4,000 competition exhibits of produce, grains, grasses, livestock, baking, sewing, artwork, creative writing, photography and many other categories to gaze upon.

“It’s a wonderful day for young and old alike to take part in a very friendly, interesting and fun day in the country,” says Fair Chairman Donna Kendall. “It’s an amazing day for children, competing or taking part in all the activities.”
The 2014 Fair features a repeat of the hilarious Working Farm Truck Competition where the local farmers and ranchers will be able to enter their most ingeniously duct-taped, baler-wired, binder-twined, older but functional farm vehicles. Each contestant will start with 200 points with deductions starting for the newest, shiniest and cleanest of vehicles but points gained for demonstrated survivability, jumper cables on the seat, quarts of oil rolling around on the passenger floor, an old hound dog in the back . . . . .

Be sure to get your $5 raffle tickets for the Fair Raffle, where the winning ticket will have a choice between a custom-built, wooden swing set or a night at one of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resort venues in western Canada. A second ticket will be drawn to award the runner-up prize. Proceeds from the raffle benefit the Fair as well as Rowan House, the emergency women’s and family shelter in High River.

The Fair runs 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is $5 with children 8 and under free.

There’s still time to make the Fair’s August 10 entry deadline. You can look at the Fairbook at and get your paper entries in or you can enter the Fair online at

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We’ll see you at the Fair on August 16!!!

(Source: Millarville Racetrack and Ag Society)

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