1 Year of Fighting Against Bill C-69, the No More Pipelines Law

Unlike the NDP government, Alberta’s United Conservative caucus has consistently stood against the Trudeau Liberal government’s Bill C-69

CALGARY, AB – Prasad Panda, United Conservative Energy Critic and MLA for Calgary-Foothills, has issued the following statement:

“Today marks one year since the Trudeau Liberal government unveiled their ‘No More Pipelines Law,’ Bill C-69. According to the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, ‘If the goal is to curtail oil and gas production and to have no more pipelines built, this legislation has hit the mark.

“The immediate problems this legislation would cause for Alberta’s energy jobs were obvious on the day it was introduced. United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney identified it as the ‘worst possible news’ while Alberta’s NDP government stayed silent.

“A month later, United Conservatives wrote a letter to Premier Notley, offering a united front in fighting Bill C-69, a letter the government ignored entirely.

“In the Legislature last Spring, the NDP government repeatedly deflected when asked why they weren’t stepping up to fight Bill C-69. At one point the NDP’s Deputy Premier even mocked the idea of going to Ottawa to speak against Bill C-69.

“While the NDP failed to make a submission on behalf of Albertans to the House of Commons committee looking at Bill C-69, our United Conservative caucus did. I made a submission in April.

“In June, Alberta’s NDP government defeated a United Conservative motion calling on the Government of Alberta to formally object to Bill C-69.

“In August at the 2018 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference, Ministers from other provinces – not Alberta – spoke out against the problematic legislation, noting that it ‘effectively hinders natural resource related economic development within the country’ and could ‘erode Canada’s economic competitiveness.’

“Alberta’s NDP Energy Minister chose to stand with their Trudeau Liberal government instead.

Only this past September, nearly 8 full months after C-69 was first announced, did Alberta’s NDP government publicly express concerns.

“To this day, the NDP government is only calling for changes to the legislation – Alberta’s United Conservative believes this deeply flawed legislation needs to be scrapped.

“Unlike the NDP government, Alberta’s United Conservative caucus has spoken clearly and consistently against the Trudeau Liberal government’s ‘No More Pipelines Law’ Bill C-69.

“We will continue to do so at every available opportunity.”

As Bill C-69 is currently in front of the Senate, we encourage Albertans to contact Senators to express their concerns: https://sencanada.ca/en/senators-list/