Yao Statement on 2016 Fentanyl Statistics

EDMONTON, AB: Wildrose Shadow Health Minister Tany Yao released the following statement on the 343 fatal drug overdoses related to fentanyl in Alberta in 2016:

“It saddens me to see that the fentanyl crisis in Alberta continued to grow in our province in 2016, clearly demonstrating that more needs to be done.

“Wildrose continues to point out that a public health emergency would allow for greater information sharing and bring more public awareness to the fentanyl crisis in our province.

“Additionally, it is crucial for health practitioners in our province to take a hard look at the 60 per cent of individuals (page 11 http://www.health.alberta.ca/documents/Opioids-Substances-Misuse-Report-2016-Q4.pdf) who died from fentanyl related overdose in 2016 who had an opioid prescription in the year before their death. More needs to be done to stop opioid addictions that begin through a legitimate prescription.

“Wildrose will continue to fight to secure more treatment beds, greater access to naloxone, better information sharing and a public health emergency to make our communities safer.”