Wrapping Up Another Successful STEP Season

About 3,000 students have returned to school with more skills, training and work experience than ever before after completing the Summer Temporary Employment Program.

Minister Gray (centre) talks with STEP student Kate Potts about her work experience at the Calgary Stampede.

“Our government has the backs of working people, and this includes young Alberta workers. We’re proud to provide funding that gives students valuable, first-hand, on-the-job experience, while helping employers hire knowledgeable, enthusiastic summer staff. I wish all students a successful transition back to school and thank you for your hard work.”

~Christina Gray, Minister of Labour

This year, the government committed $10 million to the STEP program. This funding provided about 3,000 students across the province with the opportunity to gain practical skills and experience in a hands-on work environment.

“This program offers students the chance to explore their strengths and learn from others. I was able to work with a fantastic and supportive team that taught me to believe in my capabilities and to always try my hardest. Thanks to the STEP program, I was given an opportunity to learn life skills I would never have learned in the classroom.”

~Elizabeth Laprade, STEP student working at the Calgary Public Library Foundation

STEP is a four- to 16-week wage subsidy program available to small businesses, non-profit organizations, public libraries, school boards, publicly funded post-secondary institutions, municipalities, First Nations and Métis settlements.

More than 1,300 local employers across the province were approved for funding to help them hire talented young workers for the summer.

“The STEP program has allowed our facility to flourish by hiring motivated students to represent tourism in our community during our peak season. These students have made a lasting impact on our staff and our visitors, and will always be considered an integral part of our facility.”

~Jenny Daubert, supervisor, Grande Cache Tourism and Interpretive Centre

This year’s STEP grants came to a close at the end of August and students have returned to school better prepared for their future success because of this program.

“The Calgary Public Library Foundation’s positive work environment motivated me to complete tasks to the best of my ability. By the end of the summer, I learned invaluable skills that you can’t learn in the classroom. I’m very thankful to the STEP program for allowing me to experience the best summer job I’ve ever had.”

~Dawn De Vera, STEP student working at the Calgary Public Library Foundation

“Being able to take part in the STEP program has given me the opportunity to work in the tourism industry and learn new skills that I will continue to use throughout my whole life.”

~Kayla Bock, STEP student working at the Grande Cache Tourism and Interpretive Centre

Quick facts

  • The Summer Temporary Employment Program is a four- to 16-week program that provides eligible Alberta employers a $7-per-hour wage subsidy to hire returning high school or post-secondary students into summer jobs.
  • The program approved 160 employers in the professional, scientific and technology industries to provide over 230 students with experience to assist them in pursuing careers in Alberta’s diversifying economy.