Wounded Warriors Canada Extends Support for PTSD Equine Therapy to Ill and Injured First Responders

csm_peer_support-wounded_warriors2_c4f9e7989dAURORA, ON – Wounded Warriors Canada is proud to announce that they are expanding their ability to support ill and injured First Responders through Equine Assisted Therapy for PTSD. With the support and partnership with York Regional Police Service, Wounded Warriors Canada is funding a First Responder serial of Can Praxis – Canada’s leading PTSD Equine Therapy program – that begins tomorrow at the programs eastern Canada location at WindReach Farm in Ashburn, Ontario.

Can Praxis is a couples-based program that supports ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families. It is designed to specifically address the ongoing challenges of conflict and crisis in a relationship brought on by the effects of PTSD and other Operational Stress Injuries.  Horses provide an environment where honest and open feedback surrounding these concerns can be addressed in order to gain new understandings and “take away” skills to improve interpersonal communication and reduce conflict within relationships.

Scott Maxwell, Executive Director of Wounded Warriors Canada, commented, “First Responders represent the frontline of emergency response and community safety in Canada. We believe that more needs to be done to support our ill and injured Police, Fire and EMS members in their time of need and, as such, are proud to announce that we will be expanding the provision of this outstanding Equine Therapy program to include serials for First Responders.”

York Regional Police Chief, Eric Jolliffe, commented, “York Regional Police remains committed to assisting and supporting all members through the struggles and challenges they may be facing. This is one of many programs and options now being offered to our members to help them through difficult times and to provide ongoing support for them and their families during their recoveries.”

Steve Critchley, Co-Founder of Can Praxis, commented, “PTSD introduces conflict and crisis into your life. Can Praxis focuses on the communication skills required to begin navigating the injuries of PTSD and uses a unique approach that is proving, through empirical evidence, to be one of the most successful PTSD programs in North America. Thanks to the continued funding support of Wounded Warriors Canada, we look forward to working with the First Responder community and their families moving forward.”

Source: Wounded Warriors