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World Class Alberta Energy Regulator Launches International Centre of Regulatory Excellence

Stubbs reinforces Canada’s significant role as a global leader in energy development

OTTAWA—On Tuesday, June 13th, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) launched its International Centre of Regulatory Excellence (ICORE).

“Canada is the sixth largest producer of oil in the world, with the third largest proven oil reserves of any country on earth, the vast majority in the oil sands. Unlike most major oil producers globally, Canada is a stable and free democracy with the most stringent environmental regulations and enforcement along with human rights, labour standards, and a fundamental philosophy that natural resources belong to citizens, so the wealth derived from energy development benefits the people broadly and in multiple ways,” said Shannon Stubbs, MP for Lakeland. “Despite these competitive and capacity advantages, only 4% of the world’s daily oil production comes from Canada, which is forced to be a global oil price taker, not a price maker.”

Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs is the official opposition Deputy Critic of Natural Resources as well as a member of the Natural Resources Committee. On Friday June 9th, she submitted a motion for the Committee to study the efficacy and rigour of Canadian oil and gas, and the consultation process on oil and gas development compared to other jurisdictions in the world.

When the AER was reconfigured in 2013, one objective was to share its world class expertise, and the consultation process, with other jurisdictions involved in energy development. Alberta has long been known as a global leader in regulatory excellence. More than 80 delegations from across the world have visited the AER since 2014. Two recent polls asked citizens from 32 different countries about preferred oil and gas suppliers. The results show Canada was the most preferred supplier of oil and natural gas.

“Other countries recognize the expertise of the AER, and the world class work of Canadian energy workers and operators, but the Minister of Natural Resources would not directly answer my question about whether or not he believes Canadian oil and gas is the most environmentally and socially responsible oil and gas in the world, when I asked him at committee.”

Members of the Committee heard testimony from many witnesses about Canada’s world leading, environmentally responsible oil and gas regulatory system. One witnesses referred to a Wolsey Parson study, conducted in 2014 for Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers that compared the efficacy and outcomes of Canadian regulations on oil and gas to many other jurisdictions in the world. Canada came out on top in that study, including being more strict and more effective than Norway.

“Canadian oil and gas has a long track record of innovation and technology to minimize the environmental footprint while also producing energy the whole world needs under the strongest standards and strongest regulations of development in the world.”

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