Wildrose Will be on the Side of Albertans and Hold the NDP Accountable for Bad Economic Policies this Fall Session

Wildrose News Release bannerEDMONTON, AB: Wildrose will use the fall session to highlight solutions to a broken economy and hold the NDP government accountable for its risky economic policies that are hurting Alberta’s working families, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said.

While tens of thousands of Albertans lost their jobs, and Calgary climbed closer to a double digit unemployment rate, the NDP waged war with Alberta-owned power companies, forged ahead with a risky $3 billion carbon tax and drove away investment with policies that hurt business.

“As I travelled across the province over the past few months, I saw the real and serious damage that NDP policies are having on everyday Albertans,” Jean said. “They want the kind of solutions Wildrose has been pushing for over the past year and want us to do everything we can to make them a reality.”

The NDP has failed to put forward any meaningful economic impact assessment on the damage its policies are doing and will do to the economy. A leaked internal government document released earlier this year suggests the carbon tax will put thousands of jobs at risk, while a new independent study from the weekend suggest the NDP government’s accelerated shut down of coal will cost Alberta $8 billion.

“The NDP continues to base policies on ideology rather than common sense and sound economics,” Jean said. “At a time when so many Alberta families are hurting and just trying to get by, the prudent step would be to cancel these policies and allow our province to at least try to weather the economic downturn.”

Wildrose has released several ideas and solutions to fix Alberta’s ailing economy and provide better services to Albertans.

They include:

  • Wildrose Jobs Action Plan
  • 2016 Budget Sustainability Recommendations
  • Equalization Fairness Report
  • Ideas to combat the Fentanyl Crisis
  • Wildrose 6-Pack Plan for Beer Producers and Consumers


You can hear audio from Jean’s media scrum here.