Wildrose Stood as an Effective Voice for Albertans and the Economy During Spring Session

EDMONTON, AB: While the NDP government plowed forward with an agenda of record deficits, higher taxes, frivolous spending and repeated ethical lapses during the spring legislative session, Wildrose stood firmly on the side of ordinary Albertans worried about their jobs, safety in their communities and putting Alberta’s finances back on the right track, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

The session ended with the NDP government ramming through new omnibus legislation that makes dramatic changes to Alberta’s labour code.

It followed a newly passed budget from the NDP that ramps up Alberta’s debt to nearly $71 billion by 2019 and is packaged with a 50 per cent increase to the carbon tax planned this coming January to pay for things like new light-bulb programs administered by Ontario-based Ecofitt.

Due to information uncovered by Wildrose, the NDP is also now under investigation by the Privacy Commissioner for deleting “sensitive” emails.

“Wildrose stood firmly with the vast majority of Albertans who are worried about the direction this NDP government is taking us with multiple credit downgrades, permanent deficits and higher taxes,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “We fought for a better vision of Alberta throughout this session. Our incredible team of MLAs successfully passed legislation to protect victims, earned support for motions to fight for Alberta jobs and protect the environment, while putting forward bold new ideas to fix our justice system, reduce wait times, strengthen property rights and reform Alberta’s adoption system.”

Jean earlier this session passed a new motion that would guarantee training for provincially appointed judges on issues surrounding sexual assault cases.

Wildrose Bonnyville-Cold Lake MLA Scott Cyr successfully passed new legislation to protect victims and youth from having private or intimate images of themselves used against them through online abuse and bullying.

On the jobs front, Wildrose Shadow Economic Development & Trade Minister Prasad Panda passed Motion 505, urging the federal government to move Canada closer to energy independence by using Alberta oil over imported and foreign dictator oil.

In a move to provide real action on the environment, Wildrose Shadow Environment & Parks Minister Todd Loewen passed a new motion to encourage better stewardship and preservation of Alberta’s wetland habitats.

“I’m proud of the work Wildrose did fighting for Albertans who have been forgotten by this government,” Wildrose House Leader Nathan Cooper said. “It’s clear the NDP is out of touch with the priorities and concerns of regular Albertans across the province.”

Wildrose Legislative Work Spring 2017

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and Wildrose House Leader Nathan Cooper responded to the end of spring session.
Audio of the press conference is available here.