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Wildrose Motion Would Split up NDP’s Omnibus Labour Bill, Protect Workers and the Economy

EDMONTON, AB:  Wildrose House Leader Nathan Cooper will be putting forward a motion that would allow the NDP government’s omnibus labour legislation to be divided between employment code and labour code changes.

“Better support for workers facing personal trauma or illness is something we believe is a good step forward, but this bill is jam-packed with other labour code changes that will have a real negative impact on our economy,” Cooper said. “There is a common sense solution. Let’s pass better protection for compassionate care, and open the rest of the legislation to further consultation instead of ramming it through in the dying days of session.”

The labour code changes under Bill 17 include scrubbing the secret-ballot voting process for unionization in the workplace if 65 per cent of employees sign a union card, which can often be done under threat or intimidation. Many other sections of the legislation have the potential to stack the deck against employers and add burdens on every sector of the economy, from farmers to small businesses.

“The NDP has a habit of trying to charge through controversial legislation at the end of every session instead of taking a common sense approach,” Wildrose Shadow Jobs Minister Glenn van Dijken said. “If the NDP want to show they are on the side of workers and a stronger economy, following the intent of this motion will achieve just that.”

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