Wildrose Motion Pushes NDP Government to Abolish Adverse Possession from Alberta Law

EDMONTON, AB: This week at the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship Wildrose MLA Don MacIntyre urged for a motion to be passed to abolish adverse possession, more commonly known as squatter’s rights, from Alberta legislation.

The motion states “Be it resolved that the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship recommend the Government introduce legislation abolishing the common law doctrine of adverse possession in Alberta and all statutory references supporting adverse possession in Alberta legislation,” and follows up on a 2014 recommendation from the Property Rights Advocate to abolish adverse possession, which the Ministry was supposed to provide a response to within 150 days. At today’s committee meeting, it was revealed that to date there has been no movement on repealing adverse possession.

“This outdated law has had a real life impact on Albertans that hold a legal title, but still lose their land if someone has been in open possession of it for 10 or more years,” Wildrose Shadow Property Rights Minister Rick Strankman said. “Alberta needs to follow up on the previous recommendation of the Property Rights Advocate, and remove adverse possession.”

Alberta is among the last Canadian provinces to still have outdated adverse possession legislation, and the motion approved at the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship shows the strong desire from Wildrose to abolish squatter’s rights.

“I am hopeful that Alberta land owners will no longer have to fear adverse possession when being a friendly neighbour,” MacIntyre said. “Wildrose will continue to push the NDP government to abolish this outdated law, and stand up for property rights.”