Wildrose Makes Previously Secret Ministerial Orders Available as Part of Right to Know Week

Wildrose News Release bannerEDMONTON, AB: Last week, the Wildrose Official Opposition made almost every government ministerial order for the last four years available online as part of Wildrose’s efforts for Right to Know Week and as a clear demonstration that the NDP government has failed to live up to its commitment to run a transparent and accountable government.

The ministerial orders were acquired by Wildrose through the freedom of information process and span from October 2011 through late 2015.

Wildrose Shadow Minister for Democracy and Accountability Jason Nixon said the Wildrose Official Opposition is stepping up for the people of Alberta where the NDP government has failed.

“Before the last election, the NDP promised to raise the bar on transparency and accountability in government, but what we’ve seen so far has been anything but,” Nixon said. “Wildrose has long believed in the principles of accountability and that’s something that will never change. We’re proud to make these previously hidden ministerial orders public. Albertans have a right to know about official decisions made by their government – this is something the NDP should have done long ago.”

Nixon said the NDP has inherited many bad habits from the previous government and in some areas has actually lowered the bar on accountability since taking office.

“Whether it’s charging ridiculous sums to stonewall the freedom of information process or having the Justice Ministry being investigated by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, the NDP government is no better than the previous government was when it comes to respecting Albertans’ right to know,” Nixon said. “Wildrose has led the charge on a number of accountability measures including bringing the massive salaries being paid out in the public sector to light. We think making the decisions made by cabinet ministers public is just one more way to improve how Alberta is governed.”