Wildrose Fighting for Action on Bovine Tuberculosis

EDMONTON, AB: Wildrose MLAs are calling for urgent action from the NDP government over bovine tuberculosis, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

Thirty cattle ranches have been put under quarantine in southern Alberta since the first case of bovine tuberculosis was discovered last month. This adds to an already difficult year for farmers and ranchers who have seen wet weather, falling commodity prices and feedlot closures.

“The provincial and federal governments need to work together and construct a plan to deal with this emergency,” Wildrose Shadow Environment Minister Todd Loewen said. “Livestock producers need clarity; this has been a tough year and the last thing they need is more uncertainty.”

On Monday, Loewen gave a statement in the Legislature on bovine tuberculosis. You can watch that statement here.

Wildrose Shadow Agriculture Minister Rick Strankman said farmers were already struggling to get through harvest, before the bovine tuberculosis issue began.

“We’ve already seen one county declare a state of disaster because of the weather conditions grain producers are facing. Now livestock producers are facing a terrible situation of their own,” Strankman said. “It’s important right now for everyone to come together and support Alberta farmers and ranchers – the men and women who put food on the table.”