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Wildrose Asks for Investigation into NDP Deleting Visitor Logs

EDMONTON, AB: Wildrose Shadow Democracy & Accountability Minister Nathan Cooper wrote to Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton on the destruction of visitor logs under the NDP government following Wildrose freedom of information (FOIP) requests in November 2016.

Wildrose initially filed FOIP requests asking for full copies of visitor logs for the Alberta Legislature from May 5, 2015 to Nov. 1, 2016. The information returned was dated back only to Sept. 2015, with thousands of pages of redactions. This was the only response until a copy of an internal investigation report into the situation was provided earlier this week which confirmed Wildrose suspicions of the destruction of records.

It is Service Alberta policy to retain all government records relating to security of buildings and sites for up to ten years.

“Albertans are starting to see a consistent pattern under this NDP government of shying away from openness and transparency,” Cooper said. “The destruction of visitor records of folks who met with the Premier or members of government and the destruction of records responsive to a FOIP request are serious problems that deserve real answers.”

The NDP government is already under investigation by the Privacy Commissioner for deleting “sensitive” government emails relating to ENMAX returning their Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to the Balancing Pool.

Wildrose Shadow Justice Minister Angela Pitt said this latest information makes it clear the NDP is continuing to oversee a growing culture of secrecy across government.

“We’ve seen them disrespect the office of the Privacy Commissioner by failing to give Ms. Clayton the information she needs to do her job and we continue to find examples of secrecy across government,” Pitt said. “It’s clear this government is more interested in standing up for insiders across government than sticking up for ordinary working Albertans.”

You can read Cooper’s letter in full here.

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