Waterton Wildlife Weekend

Last year’s wildfire has changed Waterton Lake National Park drastically. It is a exciting time for scientists, visitors and naturalist to learn how flora and fauna will adapt to those changes.

Autumn is a time for watching wildlife in Waterton. That’s when a huge herd of Elk take part in the mating ritual known as the rut. Come to Waterton the third weekend in September to find out more about this fascinating natural event and a host of other wildlife attractions in the Park. It’s the Waterton Wildlife Weekend September 13 to 16, with expert talks, wildlife walks, photography and art classes, and more. Information and tickets are available at www.watertonwildlife.com.

Who: Organized by the Waterton Park Community Association for all who have a love for, or interest in, nature.

What: 40 events like field trips, photography and art classes, and an Artisan Fair – Waterton’s way of celebrating the beauty of fall.

Where: Spectacular Waterton Lakes National Park, UNESCO World Heritage site.

When: September 13 to 16, 2018

Why: The world class presenters, the spectacular mountain setting and the very wonder of nature will make this a topic of interest for your audience.