Where are things at with the Black Diamond traffic lights?

There’s been lots of mixed feelings on the construction for the new Black Diamond traffic lights. It’s certainly been causing some disruption and traffic concerns as visibility is compromised, especially with a lack of someone directing traffic. Below are some updates regarding the construction and everyone is asked for patience and discretion as this construction progresses.

4 Way Stop closed to pedestrians

Black Diamond traffic lightsAs of October 27th, contractors at the 4 way stop will be closing the intersection to pedestrian traffic for the next 2 weeks until the surface work is completed for the Black Diamond Traffic Lights. Safety first!


Road Closure on Sunday, October 30th

Black Diamond traffic lightsPlease be advised that construction work is currently underway at the intersection of Government Road (Highway 22) and Centre Avenue (Highway 7) for the Black Diamond traffic lights. As part of the intersection upgrade, some utility work is planned that will extend into the roadway. In order to complete this work, TBL Construction Ltd. is planning a road closure and detour on Sunday, October 30, 2016.

The work is scheduled to begin Sunday morning at 9:00 AM and will extend through the day. Traffic will be restored at the end of the day, once work is complete.

The detour will include the closure of Highway 22, from the 2nd Avenue SE intersection to the Centre Avenue intersection. Limited access will be maintained for the residents and businesses within this block. Traffic will be detoured around onto 1st Street SE and 2nd Avenue SE.


Schedule, Time-line and Status Update

Black Diamond traffic lights

The following update of the progress of the project was provided today by Darryl Schalk, the Project Manager.

Work completed this week
  • Removal of existing curbs and sidewalks
  • Sawcutting existing pavement
  • Installation of subdrains in NW and NE corners
  • Pouring of curbs and sidewalks in NW corner and partially in NE corner
  • Pouring traffic signal base in NW corner


Work planned for the coming week
  • Pouring traffic signal bases in NE, SE and SW corners
  • Pouring curbs and sidewalks in NE, SE and SW corners
  • Installing catch basins, leads and manhole in SW corner
  • Government Road (Hwy 22) will be closed between Centre Avenue and 2nd Avenue SE on Sunday to complete the storm sewer tie-ins.  Detour will be in effect.
  • Conduit installations will begin
  • Asphalt milling and paving will begin


Please note that the above schedule is dependent on weather conditions.


Back-story and original proposal plans for the Black Diamond traffic lights

Black Diamond traffic lights
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Based on a commitment that the Alberta Government made to the Town of Black Diamond earlier in 2016, plans are well underway to design and construct traffic signals along with other improvements to the existing Highway 7/Highway 22/Government Road intersection.

The existing four-way stop control intersection has capacity issues and safety concerns, especially during peak traffic periods or when pedestrian traffic is high. This four-way stop condition will be replaced with new traffic signals.

The existing intersection will be retro-fitted with new traffic signals. These traffic signal poles will include LED street lights to improve the lighting conditions at the intersection. The traffic signals will include pedestrian crossing hardware. The signal poles will also include rotating bases to allow for oversized loads to travel through the intersection

The roadway improvements will include ‘bulbing’ out the curb lines in the SE and SW corners of the intersection. This bulbing will provide additional space and increased visibility for pedestrians and will also provide space to install the new traffic signal poles. The layout of the intersection has been designed to accommodate large tractor-trailers and log haul trucks.

The curb line on the northeast corner of the intersection will be removed and replaced back to 1st Street SE to allow for development of 2 lanes approaching the intersection – one dedicated left turn lane and one shared through and right turn lane.

Black Diamond traffic lights