Update on the High River Water Tower Demolition Project

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town of High River is in the process of demolishing the water tower at the corner of 8 Avenue S.E. and 3 Street S.E. and is utilizing the expertise of a consultant from Clifton Associates Calgary to prepare a public contract for its demolition.

The consultant has now completed a pre-demolition inspection and risk assessment that was necessary as the High River water tower is approximately 102 years old and was constructed with materials that are now considered to be harmful according to Provincial Legislation and therefore this project will require special handling procedures.

The site has been registered with Alberta Environment and the park and playground have been closed and fenced off to the public. Further sampling and testing of the tower and surrounding landscape is now underway. Once the testing is complete, a contract will be prepared for demolition with the appropriate health and safety protocols included.

The Town and consultant expect that the tower and affected areas will be removed by the end of February 2017. The next step will be to restore the landscaping and park. The anticipated completion date will be the end of May 2017.

The Kinette Club of High River is currently raising funds to help build a new park once the tower is removed. Residents interested in donating resources or time to the project to visit the club’s website at www.highriverkinettes.com  for more information.