Update on Construction at Black Diamond 4-Way Stop

In preparation for the traffic lights coming to the 4-way stop there continues to be alot of construction.

Based on discussions with TBL Construction Ltd., the following project update is provided:

Work completed the first week of November:

  • Subdrain Installation
  • Catch basin, manhole and storm line installation
  • Pouring traffic signal bases in NE, SE and SW corners
  • Cabinet Bases
  • Conduits for Traffic Signals
  • Granular Base for road widening and curbs/sidewalks
  • Pouring sidewalks and curbs in NW, SW and SE corner and partially complete in NE corner


Work planned for the week of November 7th:

  • Completing curb and sidewalk pouring in NE corner
  • Asphalt milling (1 day)
  • Topsoil placement behind new sidewalk
  • Hydroseeding (if weather permits)
  • Paving asphalt (2-3 days)
  • Completing installation of electrical cable in intersection


Traffic signal poles and hardware will be delayed for some time as the contractor is waiting on delivery of materials.

Please note that the above schedule is dependent on weather conditions.

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