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United Conservatives Push for Greater Transparency, Safety and Accountability with Cannabis Framework

EDMONTON, AB: The United Conservative Party reacted to the NDP government’s draft Alberta Cannabis Framework by calling for more stringent guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of Albertans and to extend the consultation period past the current October 27 deadline.

In particular, United Conservative Party Justice Critics Angela Pitt and Mike Ellis are calling for greater detail to ensure that cannabis is kept out of the hands of young people, and to ensure that necessary resources are in place to ensure our municipalities and law enforcement are well supported as we move closer to the July 1 deadline.

“As we get closer to a July 1, 2018 deadline, we need to be working collaboratively with those who will be directly impacted by these changes to ensure that we can keep our communities safe, and healthy,” Pitt said. “Many questions remain about public awareness, and workplace safety concerns.”

There are other questions about costs associated with implementation of the framework, who will own and operate cannabis retail outlets, revenue sharing with the federal government, and pricing of cannabis. Ellis added that in particular, law enforcement agencies are faced with a series of issues that need to be immediately addressed.

“Alberta’s law enforcement agencies are absolute professionals, and I have no doubt of their ability to work collaboratively as a new framework is put into place,” Ellis said. “That being said, the NDP government must provide immediate answers about combatting cannabis on the black market, difficulties in enforcement, and testing for the presence of cannabis and driving impairment.”

The United Conservative Party caucus will continue to work hard to hold the NDP government and Trudeau government accountable during the consultation period for the Cannabis Framework.

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