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United Conservatives Pay Tribute to the Victims of Holodomor

EDMONTON, AB (November 21, 2017): United Conservative Opposition Leader Jason Nixon has issued the following statement in remembrance of the victims of the Ukrainian famine and genocide known as Holodomor:

“The United Conservative caucus joins with all Albertans in recognizing the Ukrainian famine and genocide known as Holodomor, and in remembering the millions of victims who perished as a result of these crimes, perpetrated by Stalin’s Soviet Union in 1932-33.

“Holodomor is especially poignant here in Alberta, where many survivors fled in search of a better life. These Albertans, and their descendants, have helped to build our province into what it is today, shaping our culture and intertwining their rich history with ours.

“The story of Alberta’s Ukrainian settlers, many of whom survived the horrors of Holodomor, is not unlike those of so many new Albertans who have fled unspeakable atrocities in their homelands in search of peace and freedom. We are grateful to have each and every one here in our province and look forward to all that they have to contribute.”

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