United Conservatives Celebrate Navaratri

EDMONTON, AB (October 9, 2018): United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney issued the following statement recognizing the celebration of Navaratri:

“Today, members of the Hindu community in Alberta and around the world begin the celebration of Navaratri, which lasts for nine consecutive nights. Also known as, the Durga Puja, this festival symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

“I was honoured to join Hindus in India recently celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, and to visit the magnificent BAPS Swaminaryan Akshardam. These experiences reinforced my respect for the ancient and beautiful Hindu tradition.

“During these nine days of celebration, I encourage all Canadians to reflect on the many contributions that Alberta Hindus have made to our province, and I extend my best wishes for a happy and peaceful Navaratri”