UCP Caucus Statement on Women’s History Month

UCP Caucus Statement on Women’s History Month

EDMONTON, AB: United Conservative Party Interim Leader Nathan Cooper and Status of Women Critic Leela Aheer today released the following statement to recognize Women’s History Month:

“Alberta is home to many women’s rights pioneers that have broken barriers and paved the way for generations of women to achieve greater equality.

“We are thankful for the courage, tenacity and sacrifices of these women, who continue to serve as an inspiration to new generations of Albertans.

“Women’s History Month is an opportunity to learn more about the trailblazers who played such a key role in advancing women’s equality in our province, including women like the Famous Five, who successfully petitioned to have women considered persons under the law, and the Edmonton Grads, a Canadian women’s basketball team who to this day hold the record for the best winning percentage of any team in North America.

“The United Conservative Party caucus is proud to recognize these strong and dynamic women, and will continue to work hard to ensure the stories of Alberta women are preserved and shared.”