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UCP Caucus Remembers Victims on Black Ribbon Day

EDMONTON, AB: Monday, United Conservative Party Caucus Interim Leader Nathan Cooper issued the following statement to mark Black Ribbon Day:

“Established in 2008, Black Ribbon Day remembers victims of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, specifically Stalinism, fascism and Nazism.

“We observe Black Ribbon Day to preserve the memories of the countless victims of mass deportations and exterminations that were the hallmarks of these regimes, while promoting democratic values with the aim of reinforcing peace and stability.

“The UCP caucus stands for the equality and fair treatment of all people and is committed to standing with all Albertans to uphold these values.

“Today, we remember the victims and renew our pledge to help ensure the ideas that gave rise to these regimes are never again allowed to take root in our society.”

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