UCP Caucus Completes Internal Audit of MLA Expenses

(EDMONTON, AB): The United Conservative Party caucus has conducted a thorough review of MLA expenses. As a result of this review, administrative errors were found, and $557.30 has been returned to the LAO.

Today, UCP Interim Leader Nathan Cooper is taking steps to rectify these errors and ensure they are not repeated in the future.

“The UCP was founded on a set of principles and values that include, among other things, fiscal responsibility and respect for taxpayers, and as Interim Leader it’s incumbent upon me to ensure our party and our caucus live up to the highest possible standards,” said Cooper. “All UCP MLAs with anomalies in their expenses have reimbursed the Crown and are taking additional steps to ensure proper due diligence in the future.”

The UCP caucus is working on developing recommendations to bring to the Legislative Assembly’s next Members’ Services Committee meeting on September 14 that will aim to modernize how MLA expense claims are processed and update existing rules to reflect modern realities.

“The UCP takes responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars very seriously, and we take full responsibility for these irregularities,” said Cooper. “I hope all MLAs will follow our lead, and conduct their own internal reviews in the interest of utmost transparency.”