Turner Valley School News: Spring-ing Right Along

Turner Valley School News: Spring-ing Right Along

Welcome to April everyone. Learner profiles went home March 31st, please take the time to read over the comments and have meaningful discussions with your child. Discussing their areas of strengths and areas of growth and setting some goals to finish the year with success would be a great idea. Please sign and return the folder and envelope to the homeroom teacher.

Parent council this month will be on Wednesday, April 12th at 6:30pm in the learning commons, and all parents are welcome to attend and participate. We also look forward to other such events like the Grade 5 Heritage Fair Projects, a fundraiser basketball game where our Grade 6’s will take on the local firefighters from Turner Valley, a few field trips, and of course the Easter Break.

We are also very excited for our spring theatre production in early May. Mark your calendars! May 3rd and 4th. ‘Peter Pan’ will be live! Our students are working so hard to make it another wonderful couple of days. What an exciting opportunity for our kids to be a part of. So whether your child is performing or helping with props and tech, or not in spring theater, please come and enjoy the show and support our little ones in their fine art pursuits. It will be amazing.




Have a great April everyone.
James Holladay and Debbie Reid