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Turner Valley School News: Learning is a Journey

The month of May has arrived with hope for better weather and opportunities for us to get onto outside and enjoy the spring weather. May promises to be a busy time here at Turner Valley School as well.

This year Education week’s theme was “Learning is a Journey” (May 1 – 5). This theme is certainly captured in so many of the events that have happened at Turner Valley School. This year continues to be a journey for each child and as staff we love being a part of it with your child.

If you look at the calendar you will see that there are many field trips and interesting learning experiences (including some tests) on the horizon this month. We will be hosting a volunteer tea on June 6 from 2:00-3:00 pm and look forward to seeing the many volunteers who have enhanced learning and contributed to our wonderful school culture this year.

“Thank you to all students, parents and staff that made Spring Theatre possible! It was a lot of hard work and the end result is worth everyone’s time and efforts for this wonderful experience/opportunity for our students. We are very proud of the 75+ students involved who brought Peter Pan to life! Thank you is not enough!” – Spring Theatre Committee (Mrs. Schuster, Mrs. Klafki, Ms. McNutt, Mrs. Baxter and Mrs. Muir)

As we continue to grow here at Turner Valley School we would like to let you know that we have been granted a portable building to be added to our school over the summer. It will be placed outside the Grade 6 classroom and should be ready to have a class in it for this September.

Finally, as we spring into May we must think about the end of our school year. It is not too early for students to begin a review process at home to prepare for the exams and assessments in June. It is also important that students have a plan to keep reading throughout the summer months to keep their reading skills as sharp as possible. A number of celebratory and culminating events are in the planning stages. We welcome parents to call or visit our school any time.

Education together,
James Holladay
Debbie Reid


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