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Turner Valley School Ask the Principal: Can You Explain the Learner Profile?

As we approach report card time we want to help parents understand the document that we call the Learner Profile. Imagine that you could take a snapshot of a point in time that showed the level of learning that a student is at. Imagine also that the snapshot could give you some information, not only about test marks and levels of learning but also about demonstrated work habits, social skills and character traits. Finally, imagine if parents could get information about the student’s strengths, challenges and steps to be taken to improve their performance at school. This is the purpose of the Learner Profile that you will soon be seeing come home with your child.

The Learner Profile is organized into three general areas; the child as a learner, the academic performance and teacher comments. The categories describe where the child is at based on the assessment information the teacher has gathered.

Child as a Learner

This section describes the development of the student in areas that are an integral part of the learning process (Confidence, Respect, Independence, Work Habits and Citizenship). This section takes into consideration such things as; if a student gets their work in on time, attitude in completing work, how they get along with their peers etc. These factors are not included in academic performance, but show how the attitude and work efforts of the student affects them as a learner.

Academic Report Card Categories:


Student demonstrates an incomplete understanding of the learning goals.


Student demonstrates an adequate understanding and simplistic application of the learning goals


Student demonstrates a solid understanding and relevant application of the learning goals.


Student demonstates an in-depth understanding and insight into how to apply the learning in a variety of situations.

Teacher comments

These are detailed comments of your child in relation to how they are doing in the class and where specifically they have strengths and where they have areas to grow. Teachers take tremendous time to make sure each comment fits the child and relays that information home to you as the parent.

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