Turner Valley Cannabis Legalization – Regulations

Recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada. Each province and municipality has a different set of rules, but here’s what legalization means in Turner Valley.

Be a courteous and responsible cannabis user. Know the rules:

  • If you choose to use, keep it at home. The Town is working on a new smoking and vaping bylaw, but for now smoking of cannabis will be treated similar to that of smoking tobacco (see more below).
  • There are regulations governing nuisance odours. So stay conscious of how those around you may be impacted by the smoke and smell of your cannabis use.
  • You must be 18+ to buy, use, possess and grow cannabis. Kids may not enter cannabis stores, even with an adult.
  • 30g of cannabis is the most you may carry in public or purchase at one time.
  • The new legislation covers oils, vapours and smoking of cannabis.  It does not yet include edibles.
  • Adults may grow up to four plants per household. Be mindful of whether or no children or pets can access any cannabis plants.
  • Keep cannabis products out of reach of anyone in a vehicle. Driving while impaired by cannabis is illegal.
  • Cannabis can only be purchased from licensed stores or at albertacanabis.org

View details of the legislation at  https://turnervalley.ca/municipal-cannabis-strategy/