Town Thanks Kinsmen Club of High River for Improvements to Park

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town would like to thank the Kinsmen Club of High River for their extremely generous contributions to improving Little Bow Park and Campground this summer.

“The Kinsmen Club of High River approached the Town with the project and has been working with us in the Parks Department to replace the old campfire ring, install a firewood drop off and generator plug-in, and plant new trees in order to make the park more attractive for users,” says Tannas Webb, parks supervisor with the Town.

Little Bow Park and Campground is located behind the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex and is often frequented by members of the Kinsmen Club of High River. The Club also has a history with the park as they also built the camp kitchen area in 1994.

“This was always a project that we’ve been trying to complete because we like using the park so much, too,” says Garth Brookwell, Vice President of the Kinsmen Club of High River. “We wanted to give something that would benefit the community, something that was usable and would make the park a destination that would bring more people.”

The Kinsmen Club of High River donated all related costs of materials and labour for the project, resulting in a total of approximately $15,000.

The new fire pit features a 48” steel ring that is 12 inches high. Volunteers also removed the sod 30 feet around the fire pit and replaced it with a six inch bed of pea gravel to create a seating area.

“We also built a firewood drop-off and containment area consisting of a three-sided wall,” adds Brookwell. “Each wall is eight feet long and six feet high and is made with rough cut lumber.  The other thing that was done was re-staining of the Camp Kitchen.”

Volunteers purchased and planted ten evergreen trees along the north fence line of the park and a new electrical plugin was also installed for the kitchen. The plugin can now be used with a generator to turn on the LED lighting strips of the indoor ceiling in the camp kitchen.

“It is really great when community groups work with the Town to accomplish well-executed projects that add to the public realm for enjoyment for all residents,” says Webb. “The Kinsmen did a fantastic job on this and made an already amazing space much better and we truly appreciate their efforts.”