Town of Turner Valley: Recreational Cannabis Survey Results

Thank You for Your Participation!

The Recreational Cannabis Survey was undertaken to better understand how the community feels about the issues related to legalization to  ensure that concerns are considered and addressed in the recommended bylaw and policy changes. The primary objective of the survey was to obtain feedback to help inform changes and updates to relevant bylaws, and gather input on developing any new bylaws or policies necessary to respond to the legalization of recreational cannabis.

This survey ran for 16 days from June 17 to July 3, 2018 and had an 88% completion rate. The average time it took to complete was 3 minutes. There were 301 respondents which represented an 11.8% response rate.

Please see the Recreational Cannabis Survey Results for full details and visit the Municipal Cannabis Strategy page for more information.

On behalf of Council and administration thank you for participating in the survey!

Disclaimer: As this survey was self-selected, the data is not statistically representative of the town as a whole; the sample pool was not randomly selected. The results of this survey should be interpreted with the understanding that it was issued via a link on the Town of Turner Valley’s website and social media pages, making it accessible to anyone who wished to participate. The survey was conducted using SurveyMonkey.