Town of High River Launches New Municipal Website

HIGH RIVER, AB: As part of an ongoing commitment to keep residents, business and visitors informed, the Town of High River has launched a new, mobile-friendly and more accessible municipal website that can be viewed at

“We are really excited to be launching this new site and hope that it will be easier for residents to use, and that it illustrates what an amazing and beautiful place High River is to visitors and to those thinking about moving here,” says Claire Halpin, communications advisor for the Town. “The goal of the new design was to improve navigation and readability, making it clean, searchable and mobile-friendly.”

The new site reflects the ‘Rooted in People’ brand for the Town and will now combine the former Choose High River, business and tourism websites into one convenient location. The website now serves as an information portal for current residents and businesses as well as potential investors and anyone looking to live, work or do business in High River.

“We did extensive research on best practices for municipal websites and re-examined our user experience,” adds Halpin. “The new site is more modern and was designed with the user in mind which aligns with the Town’s people first mentality.”

The site was moved from a Joomla platform to WordPress and was designed in collaboration with Trigger, a strategic creative marketing agency based in Calgary.

“I have a special connection to High River as some of my family lives in town, and I feel that it is such a vibrant and connected community,” says Celeste Herbert, business director with Trigger. “We wanted to build a helpful resource that would complement that vibrancy and could evolve with the needs of High Riverites.”

Some of the other major features of the new site are larger and more detailed menus, upgraded special event calendar, custom search boxes and mobile-friendly recreation schedules.

“The website was designed to incorporate and showcase high-quality photos of High River,” adds Kevin Tetzlaff, senior communications advisor for the Town. “These photos are indexed to be searched by Google and other search engines so that when people are searching the internet for High River, they will now start to see the new photos instead of outdated ones.”

The new website is considered to be a living project and the communications division will continue to improve and build the site based on feedback from administration and the community. Feedback can be sent to

The Town would like to thank Trigger for their excellent work and dedication to this project.  Another special thank you goes to local resident, Tyrone Morales, who generously supplied the home page aerial photo.