Tin Star to film in High River Nov. 14 & 15

HIGH RIVER, AB: Filming of the upcoming TV drama ‘Tin Star’ will resume in High River on Monday, November 14 and Tuesday, November 15.

Production crews will be parking in lots located at 128/130 4 Avenue S.W. and 135 Macleod Trail S.W.

On Monday, November 14 crews will be filming inside 111 3 Avenue S.W. with very minimal parking disruptions.

On Tuesday, November 15 crews will be filming contained scenes around the exterior of 111 3 Avenue S.W. and will require an all-day road closure and intermittent traffic control on 3 Avenue S.W. from 1 Street S.W. to Macleod Trail S.W.

These scenes will include simulated gunfire using blanks that may create some loud noise. There may also be some stunt driving using vehicles that look like emergency vehicles.

Crews will also be filming a scene where a vehicle will be mounted on a tow rig and will be driving the circumference of 3 Avenue S.W. and 4 Avenue S.W. This will require additional traffic control on Tuesday, November 15 from 5:30 to 9 p.m. on Macleod Trail S.W. and 1 Street S.W. north of 3 Avenue and south of 4 Avenue.

Questions or concerns regarding Tin Star filming can be directed to assistant location manager Luke Antosz at 403.919.1999.

‘Tin Star’ is produced by Kudos Film and Television and was created by acclaimed British director and screenwriter Rowan Joffe. The show is described as ‘an epic tale of deception, betrayal, murder and revenge set against the backdrop of remote and beautiful Canadian mountain town.’ The series will star Tim Roth; who is known for his roles in ‘The Hateful Eight,’ ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and Christina Hendricks; known for her roles in ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Drive.’