Three-year Anniversary of Serenity’s Passing Cause for Urgency: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: On the three-year anniversary of Serenity’s untimely passing, United Conservative Party Interim Leader Nathan Cooper today released the following statement highlighting the urgent need for more to be done to honour Serenity’s legacy, and ensure that what happened to her can never happen again:

“The United Conservative Party caucus solemnly recognizes the passing of Serenity, and questions when she will finally receive justice.

“The facts of Serenity’s passing are devastating, but they are also crucial to recount – at the time of death, Serenity weighed just 18 pounds. Her skull was fractured, she suffered from severe hypothermia, and had cuts and bruises all over her body, including her genital areas.

“No child deserves to treated, or to ultimately die the way Serenity did. We need to honour Serenity by holding those who did this to her accountable. Based on the publicly available facts, we are failing Serenity in this way yet again.

“Serenity’s case should be transferred from the local RCMP detachment to the Major Crimes Unit. Alberta Justice should complete another audit of all documentation provided to the RCMP to ensure there are no further lapses on the government’s part in the investigation.

“Our United Conservative MLAs will continue to work diligently to improve our current Children in Care system, and to protect all vulnerable children. I especially thank Jason Nixon, Ric McIver, and the author of Serenity’s Law, Mike Ellis, in this regard.

“Our commitment to Serenity’s Mom is to keep fighting for the children of Alberta, with honouring Serenity always being in our hearts and minds.”