Taylor Statement on Extended Tuition Freeze

EDMONTON, AB:  Wildrose Shadow Innovation and Advanced Education Minister Wes Taylor released the following statement on the NDP continuing its post-secondary tuition freeze through the 2017-18 academic year:

“Once again, the NDP is taking a short-sighted approach to an issue that needs a long-term, fiscally-sustainable solution.

“Wildrose maintains that indexing postsecondary tuition and fee increases to the rate of inflation is the very best way to ensure tuition remains affordable for students and to protect the viability of Alberta’s world-class education institutions.

“This is a position supported by students and administrators across the province who understand the need for sustainable policies to address the rising costs of tuition, and who expect better solutions from their government on this subject.

“Across Alberta we continue to see the NDP take risky and ideological approaches to issues that need strong solutions.

“Given the NDP has no answers for how it will pay for policies like freezing tuition, and considering this could end up costing students more as institutions look to make up their shortfalls once the freeze is lifted, this is the absolute wrong decision for Alberta students.”