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A Taste of Home on the Range: Parks Canada Offers Cowboy Cuisine Visitor Experience at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

Cowboy cuisine – Come and get it! 

Parks Canada is excited to offer a new innovative visitor experience at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site: the Cowboy Cuisine living history program.  Historically, anyone “tying up” at the hitching rail was assured a meal – and today’s visitor can now have the same authentic experience at this historic ranch. Our national historic sites reflect the rich and varied heritage of our nation and provide an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about our diverse history. What better way to celebrate this year’s centennial of Canada’s national historic sites?  Plus, in celebration of Canada 150the Government of Canada is pleased to offer free admission for all visitors to Parks Canada operated places through 2017, including the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site. 

A program for the senses, Cowboy Cuisine will take you through the ‘belly of the Bar U Ranch’ on a tasty discovery of how the ranch produced, stored and served food.  As if it was yester year, experience the historic cookhouse, storage buildings, root cellar and garden. Hear the crackle of the fire and the bubble of the stew pot on the back of the wood stove.  Smell the biscuits browning in the oven and taste the pasture-to-plate freshness of a traditional meal. Savour the flavour in the historic Bar U Ranch Cookhouse dining room. Hear of Western Canada’s ranching traditions and tall tales as you relax to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or rhubarb lemonade.

Cowboy Cuisine at the Bar U Ranch NHS will be offered on July 29, August 12 and August 26 starting at 11:30 a.m. each day. For prices and to book this unforgettable program (16 person maximum per program), contact 403-395-2212 or

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2017 – Your Free Pass to Discovery | 2017 – Votre entrée libre vers la découverte

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