What It Takes Each Week to be an Oilfields Food Bank Volunteer

Poetry in Motion

Some work hard on Food Drives,
gathering food from far and near.
They bring it to the home place;
volunteers are here
to put the donors’ foods away
after it is sorted;
make sure the boxes are tough enough
so cans are fully supported.
Some items are so heavy
needing Volunteers’ strong backs
to bring them in, put them away –
a big job, that’s a fact.
Fill little bags from big ones
Like flour, sugar, oats;
when they are gone reorder.
Be sure to make some notes
to order meat, cheese and eggs
potatoes and fresh fruit.
Stock the shelves, stock the fridge,
stock the freezer too.
Weigh all the food that’s coming in,
Weigh all the food that’s leaving,
Take client information
So statistics are believing.
Make welcome every client
(some come against their will).
Make welcome all the volunteers
who many hampers fill.
Make welcome those who counsel
and help out with a prayer,
for every one who is in need
will find some comfort there.
Bags are neatly folded
and in the pantry filled
so clients take their hamper home
without a messy spill.
Be pleasant, kind and loving
to all who enter here;
this is a place of giving
so offer them some cheer.

~ Oilfields Food Bank

The food bank volunteers have distributed the Christmas hampers for this year. It’s been a busy year with more people turning to our local food bank. The story is the same in many communities this year. Don’t forget the food bank in the months ahead as they continue to work to help those in need!

Thank you to the hard working volunteers at Oilfields Food Bank!