Students Learn ABCs of Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety Day helps children learn how to travel to school and return home safely every day.

Traffic Safety Day in Alberta

This month, at various Traffic Safety Day events, students in some Alberta communities will learn about the safest ways to cross the street and ride the school bus. Traffic safety experts will be on hand to help kids learn about staying safe around traffic, as well as bicycling safety and railroad-crossing safety.

“Traffic Safety Day is an important tool to educate children about safe travel behaviour, no matter how they get to and from school. These fun events help kids learn that safety is a shared responsibility among all road users, no matter what mode of transportation they are using.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

Traffic Safety Day is also an opportunity to remind drivers that they must stop when approaching a school bus with red lights flashing, since students will be getting off the bus and might cross the street. The penalty for passing a school bus with its red lights flashing is a $543 fine and six demerit points. Alternating flashing amber lights mean a school bus is slowing down to stop and drivers should do the same.

Traffic Safety Day facts

  • This month, there are 11 Traffic Safety Day events being held across the province – Calgary (2), Camrose, Edmonton (2), Fort McMurray (2), Hay Lakes, Grande Prairie (2), and Tofield.
  • The most common driver error involving collisions with school buses is following too closely.