Some Stories of the Alberta Lifesavers Recognized by St. John Ambulance

On Saturday June 10th, 2017, over 40 lifesavers from across Alberta were recognized by St. John Ambulance at their annual Lifesaving awards ceremony held at Government House in Edmonton. Stories of everyday friends, family and strangers exhibiting the true spirit of generosity and bravery in the face adversity marked the day.
These inspiring and captivating stories remind us that proper training in first aid and CPR can make a significant difference in the continuum of care.
Some examples of many powerful stories and individuals recognized on Saturday:
Maslyn Dansereau
On January 15, 2016 in Nisku, Alberta, Maslyn Dansereau heard a loud thump come from downstairs.  She raced to the basement and found her father face-down on the floor, unconscious and without pulse.  911 was called and Ms. Dansereau immediately started CPR.  She continued this life saving intervention until Emergency Services arrived and took over care.  Her father was transported to hospital for further treatment.  Maslyn Dansereau is to be commended for her quick actions and for her knowledge and use of first aid in helping to save her father’s life.
Andrew Pearson
On February 1, 2016 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Andrew Pearson a firefighter, was vacationing with his young daughter.  While at the beach he noticed a young boy struggling in the surf.  Without hesitation he ran into the water to rescue the boy.  As he was carrying the boy to shore, he noticed a man struggling in the water.  He handed the boy over to a woman on the beach and immediately went back into the water to help the man who, as it happened, was the boy’s father.  With the help of another bystander, Mr. Pearson assisted the father to shore.  Once on shore, Andrew quickly assessed the son and father and determined they suffered no ill effects from their ordeal.  Andrew Pearson is to be commended for his selfless actions and for his heroic efforts to save lives.

Congratulations and thank you to all the 2017 Lifesaving Awards Recipients!

Thomas Loraas, Edmonton
Maslyn Dansereau, Leduc County
Morgan Turgeon, Edmonton
Jeffrey Mason, Edmonton
Cst. Bryan Alm, Edmonton
Janelle Dunahee, Edmonton
Zach Sobchyshyn, Edmonton
Kevin Zylstra, Edmonton
Jeffrey Mason, Edmonton
Chris Kirk, Edmonton
Tyler Funk, Edmonton
Chelsea Serink, Edmonton
Cst. Amanda Thompson, Edmonton
Tyler Funk, Edmonton
Karen Dypolt, Strathmore
Hans Van Ginhoven, Edmonton
Jacquelyn MacLeod, Penhold Cst.
Tammy Buchberger, Edmonton
Richard Tustain, Cochrane
Dallas O’Donoghue, Edmonton
Lionel Pereira, Edmonton
Cst. Justin Figeat, Edmonton
Jeffrey Ingersoll, Whitecourt
Dianne Dallyn, Edmonton
Cst. Jonathan Metivier, Edmonton
Cst. Kayla Hurd, Edmonton
Tyler Funk, Edmonton Cst.
Darryl Clare, Edmonton
John Thorpe, Edmonton
Nicholas Junor, Langdon
David Cherwonogrodzky, Edmonton
Andrew Pearson, St Albert
Gerald O’Connell, Calgary
Fred Walter, Calgary
Cst. Clayton Schultz, Edmonton
Berney Bedyk, Edmonton

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