Stier Asks Questions on Wind and Solar Projects in Southern Alberta

EDMONTON, AB: Last Thursday, Wildrose MLA for Livingstone – Macleod Pat Stier asked the NDP government about how future wind and solar projects could affect landowners and municipalities in southern Alberta.

Stier said there has been little to no information or consultation on the locations of wind and solar projects. He said he’s concerned that the NDP could use draconian property rights legislation to impose projects on landowners who don’t want them.

“Given the lack of consultation from the NDP government, I’m concerned that farmers and ranchers in southern Alberta won’t receive adequate compensation should unsightly wind and solar projects negatively impact their operations,” Stier said. “The NDP used to oppose draconian property rights laws, but now it sounds like they could draw on these same laws to bring wind and solar projects to our region. I will be watching these developments closely.”

You can watch Stier’s questions from Question Period here: