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Statement from the Father of Amber Lucius

Edmonton, Alta – Below is the statement of Duane Lucius, father of Amber Lucius, in relation to Friday’s court proceedings pertaining to the criminal investigation into the death of Amber Lucius. Mr. Lucius asked that the RCMP assist him distributing the family statement to the media.

Today is another reminder of my devastating loss. Amber was an innocent child and a selfish act ended her life.

I had only had one year with Amber to renew our bond as father and daughter. During that time Amber was always helping me on the farm and loved playing outside. She was a happy little girl loved by the entire community.

Since the moment Amber was born, she was the light of my life. She was energetic, talkative and full of joy. I will never get to watch my daughter grow up, but I know she would have done great in life.

No sentence will do justice for what has happened to Amber. As a father, I have had to bury my child and nothing will bring her back. I can only hope that other children are not being used as bargaining chips in a divorce or used to hurt the other parent. No parent should ever take a child’s life just to get back at the other. We are supposed to provide our children with love, not scare them. Because of this situation she was taken away from me, and all who loved her, far too soon.

Amber was my life and I will miss her every day until my end. I will never forget her.

Mr. Lucius has asked that the media and the pubic respect their privacy as they deal with this tragic loss.

The RCMP respects the court’s decision and will not be providing any further comment on this matter.

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