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SHIFT or Get Off the Pot!

Its time to Shift or get off the pot!

SHIFT June 15-17th, Calgary, Alberta – We cannot predict the future. We can design the future. Decisions we make today will have impacts for generations. Those impacts will either grow our opportunities to deal with what is coming or limit how we are able to respond. There are forces that are disrupting the way we have grown used to living, working and playing in Calgary.

This past year we have seen a whirlwind of changes both politically and economically in Alberta. The impact is being felt most by families that are struggling with making ends meet, while trying to understand what the future holds for them and their children growing up in a changing world. Many people are digging in and hoping that things will get “back to normal”, while others are wondering how they can adapt and participate in the changing future.

“Its time to shift or get off the pot”, says the group’s Chair Person, Joey Stewart. “We need to make decisions now about what the future will look like, instead of debating what is changing, why, and how fast. We need to engage with the future with vision and consider the effects.”

Pathways 2 Sustainability Calgary, or P2S YYC is non-profit volunteer driven group that has been hosting events since 2013 to showcase solutions for a sustainable city. These events build courage and capacity of our corporate and government leadership to adopt solutions that support the broader United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Calgary’s commitment to a sustainable city as outlined in the imagineCalgary plan

SHIFT or get off the pot is an interactive conference and public exhibitor festival being hosted June 15-17th with host partner, the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, in the newly restored St. Louis Hotel in East Village.

The Thursday evening “Night Shift” event features a fire-side chat with Republican Mayor, Mick Cornett from Oklahoma City and other profiled guests.

The Friday “Day Shift” event includes 15 provocative presentations on the future of getting around, energy and food, and the economy. The event also features a lunch-time keynote, David Addison from Virgin Earth.  See the event program HERE.

SHIFT will spill onto the streetscape on the Saturday for the “Everyone Shift” where there will be over 30 exhibits featuring futuristic, and disruptive technologies and ideas that are shaping the way we live, work, and get around in our city. The Saturday festival is free and open to the public and will also feature live music, salsa dancers, food trucks, prizes for green transportation options, and opportunities to drive, and sign up for test-drives of the new Tesla model X!

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