Sew What’s Happening?

Sewing Seeds Canada … Transforming lives and communities at home and abroad!

by Kelly Grams

Sewing Seeds Canada is a registered Canadian Charity with a mandate to establish self-sustaining sewing schools that foster independence, empowerment, skills, confidence and competence in the students they teach.

Founder Sylvia Rempel, formerly head of Sun Ice Clothing, has taken her skills and entrepreneurial inspiration to hundreds of students on four continents and counting.

The reach of Sewing Seeds continues to grow and we welcome your support!

Sewing Seeds 3rd Annual Gala in Calgary, AB takes place Oct 29, 2016 at Canada Olympic Park. This year’s theme is the ‘Academy Awards’, so expect celebrities, screaming fans, paparazzi, great food, awards and plenty of fun! You could be nominated, so prepare your acceptance speech!

Sew what’s happening?


On July 2016, a Sewing Seeds team re-visited sewing schools in Liv’v and Sarny, Ukraine. Cutting tables and sewing machines were provided to thirty students who were graded on seven completed projects. These dedicated, hard working women, including siblings of former graduates, were very excited to learn new skills.

Graduates applied for work at the factory within the school and others will apply their skills at home or in other capacities. Seeds for the future were planted with follow-up projects left with local teachers to expand learning and opportunities.

It was a very successful visit with Sewing Seeds documenting student’s personal stories for our ongoing “Herstories” project.


Rotary Clubs in Alberta have played a pivotal role in the Sewing Seeds School established in Volcanes (Puerto Vallarta), MX in 2015. Volcanes has now graduated their third class of students. Sewing machines and students work double duty with classes each morning, and paid manufacturing each afternoon. With orders mounting the school is raising funds to build a small factory to employ 100 – 150 graduates! Other graduates have found their own path through jobs at local hotels, or at tailor, alteration, and repair shops.


October 2016 Sewing Seeds opened the ‘Calgary Sewing Center’ as a hub to teach teachers and marshal volunteers for local and foreign projects. Volunteers will sew projects for local and teaching use, prepare ‘kits’ for classes, develop teaching manuals, fund raise and pack shipments and travel to various locations.

Sewing Seeds is now responding to requests for a Canadian project. Initial discussions include partnering with First Nations to create self-sustaining indigenous programs focused on traditional designs and apparel.

sewing-seeds-calgary-sewing-centre-interior“Sew that’s it!”

For more information about our projects in Ukraine, Peru, Sierra Leone, Mexico and Calgary:

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