Senator Black’s Reaction to Pipeline Decisions

OTTAWA – Alberta Elected-Senator Doug Black congratulates the Federal Cabinet on today’s pipeline approvals: Enbridge’s Line 3, and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion.

“I join Albertans as we celebrate this outcome. These projects are absolutely necessary for the well-being of our Province. However, the issue still remains as to how we get our oil off the continent in the super tankers needed to transport oil to China, India and other markets. Trans Mountain doesn’t address this issue. With Gateway now dismissed, we must continue to work to ensure pipelines are extended to Atlantic Canada or any of our other ocean gateways.”

Senator Black has been critical of the current status of Canada’s oil economy where “discounted prices for Alberta’s energy resources in U.S. markets means significant lost revenues and opportunities for Albertans and Canadians.” The best way to fix this current situation is through the construction of safe pipelines to Canada’s east and west coasts and this has been partially addressed today.

Senator Black is confident this understanding will eventually extend to the Energy East pipeline proposed to the Atlantic. “Albertans know that oil and gas is the backbone of our economy and a transition away from that, while laudable, is decades away from being a reality … I will continue to remind decision makers in Ottawa of this fact while the fate of future projects remains to be decided.”

Since his 2012 Senate Campaign, Senator Black has been a leading supporter of Canadian energy prosperity and the key role pipelines play in that. He’s taken on many leadership roles as a Senator to advance Canada’s energy agenda, including a national speaking tour with the Economic Club of Canada and his recent work on the Senate Transport and Communications Committee’s pipeline study, which is to be released in early December.

Finally, Senator Black wants to acknowledge the work done by Premier Notley and her Alberta Government colleagues for their advocacy and leadership which played an important role in today’s decision.